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For many Subaru vehicles made from 2005-Present

Check application guide before ordering to avoid restocking fees if incorrect part number is ordered.
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The Subaru gauge uses the Subaru SSM2 protocol and supports the 32 bit ECU made from 2005-2014. This includes the 2006-2014 WRX and 2005-2014 STI, 2006-2014 Forester/Legacy/Outback. The gauge uses the Subaru SSM2 protocol, and thus supports numerous enhanced Subaru parameters such as:
  • Fine Learned Knock
  • Feedback Knock
  • IAM/DAM, boost
  • Fuel Pump DC
  • Target Boost
  • Current Gear
  • Learned AFR
  • Battery Volts
  • Actual Boost up to 28 psi
  • and much more

It is necessary to enable "extended parameters" in the ECU to read the 8 extended parameters included in the parameter list.

Dual Gauge Information
The second gauge in the dual gauge package will be a CAN gauge, not SSM2, and will display generic CAN parameters.

The SSM2 gauges have some additional functions as well as some eliminated functions due to this protocol. The single SSM2 gauges have the 0-60, 1/8 and 1/4 mile timer, the new 2 parameter scrolling graph display, 4 parameter bar graph display, and 8 parameter multi-screen display, in addition to the standard 2 parameter digital display. This gauge will reset the ECU and clear learned values. It will not read DTC's (trouble codes), but can clear them by resetting the ECU. The second gauge of the dual set, which is a CAN bus OBD2 gauge, will read and clear DTC's. Both have the standard warning lights and 2 analog inputs.

Optional 9' OBD2 cable:
All gauges include 5' OBD2 Cable. If your application requires a longer cable select the 9' cable option below for an additional $8

Gauges come configured with a black face and black bezel with polished silver center ring as shown on right. A white face is also included. Addition hardware such as all black bezel, polished silver, or brushed aluminum can be found on our Accessories page.

**Be sure to check out our sensor kits which of course are compatible with these gauges. These sensors simply connect to the analog inputs on the back of the gauge. Click here for more information!

Check application guide before ordering.

Check out our Subaru Interceptor demonstration video below for more information

Subaru SSM2 series gauge packages:
$249-single gauge/$399-dual gauges.

***Note: the second gauge in the dual gauge package is a CAN gauge - see product details above for more information
Single Subaru SSM2 series gauge Display Color:

Cable Length:

Dual Subaru SSM2 series gauges
Display Color:

Cable Length:

New and improved looking hardware with custom appearance options including brushed silver bezel and silver face. Sample of available customizable features below

$10Click here for options

check out our sensors
see the interceptor in action
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