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EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) pyrometer and amplifier
Aeroforce Technology has designed a thermocouple amplifier/linearizer that converts the very low and non-linear output of a type K thermocouple (EGT pyrometer) to a linear 0-5v signal. This allows our gauges as well as other data loggers to read EGT temperatures. An EGT sensor with an ungrounded tip is necessary to work properly with this unit. We sell these type of EGT sensors as well. For those who already have an Aeroforce gauge these provide an inexepensive and easier alternative to buying and installing separate gauges for these functions.

Thermocouple amplifier/linearizer:
These units have conversion accuracy of +/- 4 deg F between 400 and 1600 deg. F. Click here to see the accuracy specifications. Unit easily connects to the Interceptor scan gauge or other data logging device and includes instructions with linear conversion values.


Click here for Data Sheet
Click here for installation manual

Type K EGT pyrometer:
These pyrometers use an ungrounded tip type K thermocouple for maximum accuracy. They come with a 6' cable, weld in type bung, and 1/8" NPT fitting. Clamp style hardware also available as special order.


For questions visit our forums here and go to the "Sensor Kit" subforum.

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