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2005 Hummer H2:

Dual PT series Interceptor gauges part number PT202

While off-roading or towing we monitor transmission parameters such as trans oil temp, torque, torque converter duty cycle, torque converter slip, and current gear. We also are able to see the angle of attack or pitch of the vehicle by accessing the vehicles longitudinal accelerometer. This can be important as the vehicle should not be driven up a slope exceeding 45 degrees.

This vehicle is currently undergoing a Duramax LBZ motor swap. We’ll be able to tune and monitor all of the diesel OBD2 parameters at this time, as well as view dual EGTs, turbo boost, rear differential temperature, and nitrous pressure if this is added.

We currently monitor transmission temperature and engine coolant temperature with the gauge’s annunciator. If the trans temp goes above 215 the alarm will light, as well as coolant exceeding 225 deg. F.

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