AeroForce™ Alpha™ & Alpha-Mag™ Phone Holder/Charger

Introducing the AeroForce™ Alpha™ Phone Holder & Charger - the first ever integrated, vehicle specific phone holder/charger in the world.

With its innovative design, the AeroForce™ Alpha™ Phone Holder & Charger offers two versions, Alpha™ and Alpha-Mag™, both custom fit to seamlessly integrate into your specific vehicle.

The durable construction of this product, using high quality PA-12 nylon, ensures that it can withstand the toughest conditions of the automotive environment.

Plus, with hidden wires, the AeroForce™ Alpha™ and Alpha-Mag™ Phone Holder & Charger provides a clean and organized appearance for your dashboard.

Get the hassle free and secure driving experience you deserve with AeroForce™ Alpha™ or Alpha-Mag™ Phone Holder & Charger.

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