AeroForce Products and AeroForce Guarantee


Our Products

The Interceptor scan gauge was our first product, who’s roots date back to the late 1990’s, when as a hobby prototype OBD2 gauges were designed and used to monitor the performance of personal vehicles and provide information to improve the tuning of these vehicles.  By the early 2000’s many fellow enthusiasts saw these prototypes and wanted them for their own use.  This demand led to the Interceptor scan gauge, which was the first round OBD2 gauge on the market.  It used enhanced (proprietary) commands and PIDs (Parameter id’s) unlike other “gauge” type units that only offered less useful generic parameters.  

We were the first to integrate analog inputs which allowed customers to connect sensors to the gauge that were not included in the vehicle from the factory.  This allowed the gauge to be much more flexible and was able to display these added sensors alongside OBD2 data (sensors and readings). 

We also were the first to include an integrated performance timer.  This allowed the user to measure his vehicles 0-60, 1/8, and ¼ mile times without any added equipment needed.  We added the ability to run factory actuations and programming such as manual cooling fan operation, intercooler pump operation, setting TPMS thresholds, ECU reset, fuel injection tests, etc, 

We released the Analogic multi gauge in 2010.  The gauge allows multiple sensors to be displayed and their values recorded in one gauge offering multiple display options.  Since it has no OBD2 connections it an be used on any vehicle, new or old.

We take pride in offering not only the highest functionality in our products, but the best looking products in the market.  Our gauges offer countless customizable features from bezel finishes to face colors to customized face logos.  Instrumentation doesn’t have to be boring, make you vehicles stand out with the unique options we offer. 

We carry a line of sensors that offer high accuracy at a low price to be used with our gauges or with other data systems. 

In 2013 we started designing and manufacturing gauge mounting solutions.  All of our gauge pods/gauge mounting solutions integrate seamlessly with todays high end interiors.  We found that tradition mounting options left much to be desired and resulted in unattractive installations.  Our products use factory trim pieces or replicas and look as if they came with the vehicle from the factory.

We continue to develop new, cutting edge products that lead the way in gauge technology.

Our Guarantee

We continue to strive to provide our customers with the most innovative and highest quality product available.  Products are designed to be upgradable or updatable with the latest features for a nominal fee so there is no fear of being left behind as we continue to add features and functionality.  We stand behind our products and should an issue arise we will address it in a timely manner.