Ford Phone Holder/Charger

Introducing the AeroForce Technology, Inc.™ Alpha™ Phone Holder & Charger - the first ever integrated, vehicle specific phone holder/charger in the world.

With its innovative design, the AeroForce™ Alpha™ Phone Holder & Charger offers two versions, Alpha™ and Alpha-Mag™, both custom fit to seamlessly integrate into your specific vehicle.

The Alpha™ version features motorized clamps that securely holds and charges all brands of Qi enabled smartphones.

The Alpha-Mag™ uses Magsafe™ technology to magnetically secure and charge all Qi enabled smart phones as well.  You decide which works best for your application.  

The durable construction of this product, using high quality PA-12 nylon, ensures that it can withstand the toughest conditions of the automotive environment.

Plus, with hidden wires, the Alpha™ and Alpha-Mag™ Phone Holder & Charger provides a clean and organized appearance for your dashboard.  Unclutter your vehicle and make your life a little simpler!

AeroForce Technology, Inc.™ has taken the next step in modern automobile phone integration.

Click the links below to learn more details on each version and determine which is best for you!