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AeroForce™ Alpha-Mag™ Custom Mount Phone Holder/Charger - Audi 8V Fits A3/S3/RS3 - 2013 -2020

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The AeroForce Technology, Inc.™ Alpha-Mag™ Custom Magnetic Phone Holder/Charger offers the ultimate convenient and attractive way to mount and charge your smart phone in your vehicle.  Using a base customized for your vehicle and  Magsafe™ technology you’ll have the cleanest looking and most convenient phone mount available offering the following features:

  • Alpha-Mag’s™ handsfree, custom design hides unsightly cords
  • Mounts seamlessly into your vehicle with OEM quality parts
  • 15W Qi wireless charging technology is available once connected to power with included cord
  • Magnetic charger securely holds MagSafe™ compatible iPhone 12 and newer phones plus any other Qi™ enabled Smartphone once the included adhesive backed metal ring is attached
  • Optimal mounting location makes viewing and accessing phone a breeze without blocking the windshield or AC/heat vents
  • 12v cigarette lighter 2-port USB power adapter included with voltage readout
  • Also included is a premium MagSafe™ wireless charging metal ring with a non closed-loop design, so it won't heat up due to electromagnetic induction. Safe and reliable!
  • Left-hand drive is standard
  • Right-hand drive is optional and requires you to contact us directly at
  • Cobb Accessport™ adaptor available or use included magnetic ring on back of Accessport 
    • Adapter replaces the charger, click here to purchase.
    • Once ring is attached to Accessport it will magnetically attach to charger.  Extra ring kits sold here