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Ford Maverick 2022 - Present Single Gauge Pod

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The AeroForce Gauge Pod is an exclusive Aeroforce product with almost a year of development time made of PA-12 nylon with a high quality finish that will withstand the harsh automotive environment and outlast your vehicle.

This attractive gauge pod is integrated into a factory defroster vent and is a direct replacement for the factory vent piece while still allowing air to pass through louvered vents. Only AeroForce Technology offers this feature. 
Installs in minutes and looks like it came from the factory! Just pop the original vent out and replace with the AeroForce Technology vent pod.  Don't be fooled by inferior imitations, this is the original and still the best fitting and looking pod for this vehicle.  

Please choose left or right drive option.
Pod is 2.75 inches deep.
For 2 1/16"/52 mm gauges

Gauges sold separately
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