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Relay Output Module

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Relay Output Module:

Contains everything you need to control a 12v 40A relay (included) via the annunciator function of the gauge.
Kit includes necessary wiring, control module, and relay
Possible applications are controlling an electric cooling fan, turning on/off a water/alcohol injection kit, turning on/off a nitrous kit, etc.
For example, one of our customers monitors knock retard and when an unsafe level is seen the gauge turns off his nitrous system.
OBD2 parameters as well as analog inputs can be used to trigger the output. 

NOTE: The speed and accuracy at which the relay activates is based on the vehicle's OBD2 bus. CAN bus vehicles will have the fastest response rates due to the increased speed of these communication systems.

Our PT, FD, and SR series gauges use a slightly slower protocol but are still relatively fast (about 10x second), the ISO series may not be suitable for applications that require very fast response times due the slower nature of these buses.
The user can determine if the response will be fast enough by watching the update rate of the parameters being displayed.
The output/annunciator will respond at the same rate as the data shown on the display. Keep in mind that a data rate of "1" is the fastest.
Refer to the user manual for the procedure of setting the data rate.